Sports and Lifeskills

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    Aanmaakdatum: 12/15/2014 2:36pm

    Project status: Lopend

    Aanvraag: Sport en lifeskills training voor de kinderen van Gugulethu

    Begroting: €128142.0


    Wings of Support heeft besloten de steun aan Vuselela voor drie jaar te verlengen: "Yes, we never reached our dreams of playing professional sports due to different reasons... But we see this as the next best thing in life. If we had the choice of playing professional sport or just working with children after all that I know now, the choice would be to work with the children of Gugulethu without a doubt. The kind of satisfaction that we get from helping children is priceless... The feeling is greater than scoring a goal for our national soccer team “Bafana Bafana” or scoring 100 runs in a game of cricket or even scoring a try for the Springboks." "The response from the community has been amazing. We have been receiving so much support from the community as a whole, it is so unbelievable! Parents want to see their children succeed in life... So now when they see us, the facilitators, and the roads that we took as kids of playing sport to stay out of trouble. They start to believe in us and what we are doing for their children. Parents have started pushing their children to come to school and even stay for extra mural sports practises because they see the positive influence this programme has on their children. Learners who have been consistently absent from school have now all of a sudden attended every day and every week... In the last two terms there have been better passing grades from the learners. All of a sudden now no learner wants to sit in detention or wants to get suspended because they’ll miss their CTBM lessons and sports practises... It is truly amazing what some attention can do for these children. That is all that they need because they don’t get any attention from their respective households." "Yes it is a lot of pressure and a huge responsibility to become a good role model but it is not as hard when it is inside of you... We live what we teach! This has been a 15 year dream for us, over 5000 children could benefit from this programme in a year if we get the right support. The sports and life skills programme is a great initiative and one that I hope will carry on for decades, even when we have passed on to another life... This isn’t about us but the children of Gugulethu. ‘GuguLethu’ ‘Our Pride’!"

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    Adres: 43 Chestnut Drive

    Postcode: Hout Bay 7806

    Stad: Cape Town

    Land: South Africa

    Lat: 18.43025

    Long: -33.917723

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    Naam: Marthe Klap

    Functie: Projectcoördinator


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    Naam: Robin Ruijter

    Functie: Projectcoördinator


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    Vuselela werkt op basisscholen in Gugulethu, een township buiten Kaapstad. Het is niet aan te raden hier op eigen initiatief heen te gaan. Voor het bijwonen van een les kun je contact opnemen met Anele Magqwaka,