Het station van de Hoop

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    Aanmaakdatum: 05/05/2021 8:08am

    Update datum: 10/25/2021 7:01am

    Project status: Lopend

    Aanvraag: Inrichting (meubels, etc.)van het nieuw huis

    Begroting: €4966.0


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    Dear Astrid and dear Hanna In 2 weeks I will go back to Peru. We are grateful that our baby-boy is healthy and happy 😊 So it’s time to go back to the slums in Lima. I was communicating with my team and they have a question about the money Wings of Support has sent. The amount of kids, teenagers and parents in the new project house has grown sooo much the last 2 months. From having 20 kids in June (before I left to Switzerland) - now are attending more then 50 kids the program. I send you here a picture. Also parents and teenagers (in other activities and programs) are visiting Estacion Esperanza Pachacutec. The questions is: Is it possible to buy less of the children tables and children chairs so that an amount of the money can be used to buy plastic chairs (see the picture). These plastic chairs could be used for kids, teenagers and adults. Best regards, Miriam

  • Adres

    Adres: Santa Liberata 186 3era Etapa de Pando

    Stad: Lima

    Land: Peru

    Lat: -77.

    Long: -11.87615649381174

    Contact informatie

    Contactpersoon 1

    Naam: Astrid Pauwels

    Functie: Projectcoördinator

    Email: astrid.p@wingsofsupport.org

    Contactpersoon 2

    Naam: Hanna Paul

    Functie: Projectcoördinator

    Email: hanna@wingsofsupport.org

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    Inrichting (meubels, etc.)van het nieuw huis


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