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    Aanmaakdatum: 02/05/2016 5:56pm

    Update datum: 11/12/2020 8:11am

    Project status: Lopend

    Aanvraag: Betaling salaris Art Therapist voor een periode van 5 jaar

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    Het derde jaar van sponsoring, door Wings of Support, van het zeer succesvolle "Art Theraphy" programma, bij Alternativa 2003, is afgesloten. In December 2018 en in Juni 2019 hebben de begunstigden weer twee prachtige en zeer geslaagde magie optredens, onder leiding van hun nieuwe Art Therapeut Andrei Teasca, gehad. Iedereen kijkt weer vol spanning uit naar de start van de voorbereidingen, na de zomervakantie, voor de nieuwe show. Twee anekdotes vanuit de organisatie: "Andrei Teasca was a positive change in the project, enthusiastically received by both our young people and the entire team of specialists, bringing novelty both as a person and through the methods used. His method of approaching theater therapy is novel (innovative), emphasizing both the stimulation of creativity and free expression and improvisation, and especially the involvement of all beneficiaries regardless of disability or its severity. On December 3, 2018, young people debuted under the direction of Andrei with the performance: "Magicians ‐ magic and improvisation". The purpose of the show was to provide visibility to the activities carried out during the project period and to highlight the experiences accumulated by young people through art therapy." Confession of a young man from ALTERNATIVA 2003, who participates in art therapy: Remus: Andrei and I are friends. I like to attend rehearsals, help Andrei. At the rehearsals Andrei put me to come up with ideas, to tell my opinion, I like that we both team up and have fun. Even if the rehearsals are serious they are fun too. I like when we get all our colleagues from the association and we have rehearsals. We make a lot of fun, come up with ideas and learn magic tricks. At the show we participate with all our colleagues and parents we see on stage and applaud us. Parents are proud of us when we come to the show.

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    Betaling salaris Art Therapist voor een periode van 5 jaar


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