Meer kansen dankzij Wings of Support


Projectnaam: Meer kansen dankzij Wings of Support
Aanmaakdatum: 1-12-2022
Projectstatus: Lopend
Aanvraag: Aankoop tweedehands bus
Begroting: € 16.924,00
Instelling: Estacion Esperanza
Land: Peru

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The Estación Esperanza project was launched in August 2014. At the "estación de gasolina", people fill their cars up with gasoline so that they can continue to move forward. At the "estación esperanza", people can fill themselves with hope so that they can move forward in their life. The need in the slums of Lima is great and many people have no prospects for the future. One of these slum areas on the outskirts of the city is called Kouri Haana. Here Estación Esperanza has a project house which offers people support and encouragement as well as the opportunity for guidance and counseling.In the slum Kouri Hanna, the project house is used for recreational activities with the children and support services such as speech therapy, psychological support and family counseling.Their vision is the restauration of families, to motivate them to be responsible and constructively shape their lives. The two main goals are helping and motivating children and young people to finish their schooling and to coach the parents on how they can support their children. In 2022 Estación Esperanza purchased a ground in a different slum area where they are going to built an additional center. Because of the many workshops and activities in different locations as well as the safety of the scholars ,Estación Esperanza needs an adequate means of transportation. Wings of Support likes to help Estación Esperanza by financinthe much needed secondhand bus.


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