Hippo- and watertherapy for the children


Projectnaam: Hippo- and watertherapy for the children
Aanmaakdatum: 9-7-2018
Projectstatus: Afgerond
Aanvraag: Aanvraag voor Paardrij- en zwemtherapien voor 2019 en de jaarlijkse Autismday festiviteiten.
Begroting: € 5.868,00
Instelling: IDEAS Autism Centre
Land: Maleisië

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Wings of Support has sponsred 24 Hippo therapy sessions and 24 Hydro therapy sessions and a family outing for the children of IDEAS Autism Center and their family's. Hippotherapy is a type of equine therapy which must be performed by trained therapists who use the horse's movements to systematically improve a patient's sensory and motor skills. Being submerged in water (Hydrotherapy) provides calming support, pressure and buoyancy that helps the kids on the autism spectrum develop their sensory processing skills, reach new physical milestones and strengthen their social skills and self-regulation abilities. The familiy outing is an important social event for the entire family: they don't get to go out often. De low-income families do not have the means to take their children out. In addition, parens are also worried about meltdowns of their kids. The fun-filled excursion provides a safe, supportive way to enjoy local attractions and help promote autism awareness throughout te community. For example: They visited a farm where there were all kinds of games for the children.


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