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“From education to childcare in developing countries, Wings of Support contributes to all kinds of local initiatives dedicated to children.”

~ Annette Groeneveld, Chair of Wings of Support

Who are we?

Wings of Support is an independent initiative of employees of the KLM Royal Dutch Airline Group

We are all volunteers, unpaid, working from our own online ‘office’, connected to each other.

We help children by facilitating education, care and medical assistance

But it all depends on the local needs of the local organisation.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable improvement in the quality of children's lives in their own living environment

And we do this with the financial support from our donors and sponsors.

Local initiatives for children

Wings of Support has supported over hundreds of projects around the world in the last 25 years. From offering psychological support to traumatised children to organising sports events or supplying computers to schools; it all depends on the needs of the local organisation.

We support different type of initiatives, that all actively work towards improving the childrens’ quality of life. Because the future of these kids is what matters most to us. Nowadays, Wings of Support has around 90 volunteers and receives monthly donations from more than 3,500 supporters, mainly consisting of KLM employees.

What makes Wings of Support unique?

The fact that we, as volunteers, are actively involved in every project

and that we can invest 92,5% of the donations directly into the local projects.

Donors are welcome to visit projects

which makes it more tangible to see how their money is spent.

And since cabin and flight crew members visit and evaluate the projects on our trips,

there aren’t any extra logistic costs.

More than 25 years of support

During his career, KLM captain Marius den Dulk noticed a lot of his colleagues were helping out at local children’s homes and schools in the underprivileged regions they were flying to. Many of KLM’s crew members shared the frustration of spending only a short time at a destination, which meant there was little they could do for these children. Feeling moved and motivated by his colleagues’ efforts, Den Dulk decided to publish an article in KLM’s in-house magazine, requesting staff to join forces and take action. He got an overwhelming number of enthusiastic responses from colleagues, and within three months Wings of Support was established, on November 6, 1998.

You can easily donate your Award Miles online via the Flying Blue website. Check:; or go to

How can you contribute?

By becoming a donor, or making a one-time donation

or by donating Flying Blue Miles.

These donations help us to reach our goals and support the children,

which in the end is what it’s all about.

Children are our future

so let’s try to make a brighter one.

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